Dortmund passport

With the Dortmund Pass, you as a recipient of unemployment benefit II can use the offers of leisure and cultural facilities of the city of Dortmund for free or at reduced prices. To find out which facilities you can visit at a reduced rate with the Dortmund Pass, visit Homepage of the City of Dortmund.

The Dortmund Pass is issued to you by the Jobcenter for one year at a time and is only valid in conjunction with a photo ID (e.g. ID card, student ID, etc.). Children in your community of need up to the age of three do not need their own Dortmund Pass.

You can apply for the Dortmund Pass very conveniently online or by mail:

  1. Download the Application for the Dortmund Pass.
  2. Fill out the application.
  3. Send us the application via the contact form or by mail.
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