Team academic professions

You have an academic degree from a university or a university of applied sciences and your degree or your last professional activity in an academic environment was not longer than four years ago? Then the Academic Professions Team (TAB for short) on your way into gainful employment. Since we take a holistic view of your life situation, we not only support you, but also the other adult members of your community of need. 

In the first step, our placement specialists, who are organized according to occupational groups, work with you to develop an individual placement strategy based on your knowledge and skills. In the second step, we then support you in implementing this strategy. To this end, we access a wide range of support services individually tailored to your needs. In addition to content-related and financial assistance with applications and job interviews, we can make you offers for the development of soft skills or for the transfer of knowledge and professional training. For potential employers, under certain circumstances, we have the possibility to create an additional incentive for hiring through financial support.