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Staying healthy on lockdown - our tips for you!

05 February 2021

The current pandemic situation presents us all with new challenges every day. To help you get through this time in good health, the health advisors from the team Wohlberaten have put together a few tips for you:

  1. Give the day a structure: Plan fixed programme points (e.g. sport, telephone calls with family or friends). A daily structure creates calm and security!
  2. Stay in contact: Shared activities with friends and family also work online, for example via gaming platforms such as
  3. Move: this has a positive effect on well-being. Use free fitness and relaxation videos (e.g. yoga or Pilates) from the Internet.
  4. Create variety: e.g. through our free Online offers. Maybe you try out new cooking recipes, learn something completely new (e.g. relaxation or meditation techniques) or do some handicrafts? You can find suggestions and instructions on the Internet. 


If you have a heavy strain need to get help. Here you can call:

Stay healthy!

Team Wohlberaten
Südwall 5-9 44137 Dortmund