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Information on one-time payments by the federal government

17. August 2022

In this overview, we have compiled for you the one-time payments and financial support that have been decided by the federal government:

PaymentThese individuals will receive themAmount of benefitTime of PaymentBe paid byAdditional information
Instant supplement for childrenChildren, Adolescents and young adults up to the age of 25. Lebensjahr, die Leistungen vom Jobcenter beziehen20 euros monthlyfrom July 2022 monthlyJobcenterno application necessary (payment is automatic). Payment is NOT made with the normal monthly payment but during the month (first payment was made in mid-July)
Children's BonusAll children with child benefit entitlement100 eurosJuly 2022Family Fundno application necessary (payment made automatically)
One-time payment basic security to compensate for additional financial burdenSingle/single-parent persons as well as partners of full age who received benefits from the Jobcenter in July 2022200 Euroend-of-July 2022Jobcenterno application necessary (payment was made automatically)
One-time payment for energy costsAll persons who in July 2022, entitled to unemployment benefits (ALG) at the Agency for Employment have100 eurosJuly 2022Agency for EmploymentBack-up, who receive unemployment benefits and at the same time benefits at the Jobcenter have no claim
Heating cost subsidyReceivers of vocational training allowance (BAB) and training allowance230 eurosJune 2022Agentur für Arbeitno application necessary (payment made automatically)
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