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Accessibility in the Jobcenter Web App

Accessibility means that all areas of life are accessible to everyone without assistance and that everyone has the same opportunities to use them. This includes both analogue and digital areas of life and services. 

The Jobcenter Dortmund stands for accessibility

The Jobcenter Dortmund stands for comprehensive accessibility. For this reason, ensuring digital accessibility is also the focus of the development of our web app.

Accessibility in the digital space comprises four criteria in particular, which our web app fulfils in its entirety:

The Perceptibility of the digital content is ensured by a barrier-free presentation of all information and components of our app. For this purpose, we use, for example, strong contrasts, animations and images. In this way, we ensure that information and components of the user interface can also be perceived by people with visual impairments (e.g. red-green impairment).

The Operability of our web app is enabled by a completely barrier-free usability of all functions. For this purpose, we use a consistent and clear structure and mark so-called landmarks. In this way, the digital content is optimized for technical read-aloud applications (so-called screen readers). The way in which we gender our texts (Gender colon),  is largely barrier-free. 

The Comprehensibility of all information and functions for the operation of our web app is implemented through readable and easily understandable content. To this end, we avoid foreign words and metaphors, for example. In addition, users have the option of receiving an overview of our services in simple language.

The Robustness of our web app is fulfilled by a reliable compatibility of the digital content with technical tools even if technologies change. For this purpose, we orient ourselves on a predictable and standard-compliant design of our web app.

So that as many people as possible can use our web app, we put the content multilingual, in eight languages, available. A software has translated the texts automatically and does not provide any guarantee. We try to check and optimize the content manually. Therefore, it may be that certain parts are in the process of translation. We strive to further optimize this service. Translation and usage errors can be reported to us under the item "Miscellaneous" via our Contact form Report. 

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