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First move out of under 25s

The legislator assumes that unemployed young adults under 25 are financially supported by their parents. If this is not the case, the children - as a part of the community of need - have a claim to fraternity allowance.

For under 25-year-old children in the community of need, a first move out of the parental home is therefore only possible under certain conditions. Required is a Approval from the team PEA (examination first move) from the youth vocational house, if you want that the costs for the new apartment are taken over by the Jobcenter.

In addition, Team PEA will advise you on how the current housing situation can be improved.

Even if you permanently pay the rent for the new apartment yourself, parents should contact the Jobcenter to notify the change in the community of need.

If under-25s move out of the parental home without permission, the costs of the move and the rent for the new apartment will not be covered by the Jobcenter.

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