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Facts & Figures

Here you can see all the facts & figures about the Jobcenter Dortmund*. The Jobcenter Dortmund pays out the unemployment benefit II. If other means or social benefits (such as unemployment benefit) are not sufficient, the Jobcenter thus takes over the basic financial security of job-seeking Dortmund residents in order to cover their living expenses.

open job opportunities

Incidentally, the most vacancies in Dortmund are in warehousing/transport, in the care and health sector and in trade.

Jobs started

This means that more Jobcentre customers will start a new job this month than German participants in the 2021 Olympics. That's a win!

People have started further education

and thus actively improve your chances on the job market! The Jobcenter Dortmund will help you to find the right further training for you.

persons attended

This means that the Dormtund Job Centre looks after as many people as there are spectators who can fit into the Signal Iduna Park.

made telephone calls

That's around 800 phone calls a day. You can find out how to reach us under the heading "Contact".

Letters sent

By the way, you don't have to write us a letter. You can communicate with us much more conveniently, quickly and just as securely via the portal!


Our employees speak a total of 23 different languages!

benefits paid

This is how much the Jobcenter Dortmund pays per month for living expenses and rent alone. On top of that, there are subsidies, such as further education, etc.

* The figures are monthly reference values. They are taken from the statistics of the Federal Employment Agency and internal evaluations and are updated regularly. For more detailed job centre statistics, visit

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