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The Jobcenter Dortmund as an employer

With just under 1,100 employees, the Dortmund Job Centre is one of the five largest job centres in Germany. It is a joint institution according to §44 of the Second Social Code (SGB II) of the Federal Employment Agency and the City of Dortmund. The employees look after the recipients of unemployment benefit II and their relatives in Dortmund. The focus is on securing livelihoods and creating prospects on the labour market. This results in a great social responsibility. 

The Jobcenter Dortmund - This is what we stand for as an employer 

As part of the cosmopolitan and culturally sensitive city of Dortmund, the Jobcenter Dortmund is committed to equal opportunities, equality and the non-discriminatory handling of diversity and interculturality. In a tolerant, non-discriminatory and open climate, all employees of the Jobcenter Dortmund should and can contribute with all their strengths and characteristics. We are committed to the interests of our staff. Here is a - non-exhaustive - insight into our commitment:

We promote equality between women and men

We support women in their professional development opportunities. With our mentoring program for women, we have been supporting women in their career planning since 2012 and increasing their chances of taking on management functions. We also advertise our job openings, including at management level, on a part-time basis.

Equality is a management task for us

Our management principles and our mission statement contain guiding principles on equal opportunities. Regular information, sensitization and qualification of managers and staff on the topics of equality, diversity, gender, etc. promote family-conscious management behavior.

Our Human Resources team and the Equal Opportunities Officer are available as competent contact persons for individual consultations. 

We enable a high degree of compatibility between work and family, care and private life

Competent advice on childcare options and the arrangement of a suitable childcare solution enables a carefree and early return from parental leave. In emergency situations, our partner organisation, BUK Familienbewusstes Personalmanagement GmbH, organises reliable emergency care at short notice.

We focus on family-friendly working hours

Our service agreement on working hours allows for the greatest possible flexibility. We offer suitable part-time models for employees with family and care responsibilities. Flexible working hours can be agreed with us - based on the requirements of the service.

We advocate a diverse workforce 

Based on the conviction that diversity in terms of age, ethnic and social origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation and ideology enriches and unites, we have signed the "Diversity Charter". We promote the potential of a diverse workforce and a working environment that is free of prejudice and stereotypes. We are committed to promoting diversity and fostering an open and tolerant corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation.

We are part of the state initiative "More migrants in the public service - intercultural opening of the state administration". Applications are welcomed from people of all nationalities.

The Jobcenter Dortmund - An excellent employer

Our commitment is also seen outside our own walls. In 2018, the Jobcenter Dortmund became the first public agency ever to receive the Dortmund Personnel Management Award from the

New Deals Office. The Dortmund Job Centre qualified for the award thanks to its extraordinary efforts to promote work-life balance, inclusion and employee participation.

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