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Easy language

How to contact the Job Center - in plain language*

* Everyone should be able to understand our information.
Easy language helps people to do this.
For example: people who have difficulty reading.
Or people who speak little German.

We use simple words.

We explain difficult words.
For example: foreign words or technical terms.

We separate long words with a hyphen.
For example: social law book.

We form short sentences and no subordinate clauses.

The Job Center does everything:
So that you are safe.
And so that the employees are safe.

You can still reach the Job Center easily.
You can:

  • Read a lot of information on the Internet.
  • ask questions on the phone or by e-mail.

You can do a lot of things by phone or computer. You only need to come to the office for special things.

The job center tells you: If you have to come to the office. Please do not come to the office without an appointment.

Help for people with disabilities

If you are hearing impaired:

You can have contact with staff using Skype.

You can then speak with a sign language interpreter.

If you have a visual impairment:

The Gesundheits-Haus/Reha-SB area (Südwall) has markings on the floor.

The markings help:

To help you find your way to the information.

The heavy word is:

There is a tactile wayfinding system.

The tactile wayfinding system also helps:

So that you can find the hand sanitizer.

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