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Easy language

How to contact the Job Center - in plain language*


* All people should be able to understand our information. 
Easy language helps people to do this. 
For example: people who can not read well. 
Or people who speak little German.

We use simple words.

Heavy words we explain.
For example: foreign words or technical words.

We separate long words with a hyphen.
For example: social law book.

We form short sentences and no subordinate clauses.


The health of all people is very important.  
A lot of things are different because of the Corona crisis. 
Also at our job center. 


The Job Center will do anything: 
So you can be sure.  
And so that the employees are safe.


You can still reach the Job Center easily. 
You can:  

  • Many Read information on the Internet.
  • Questions on Telephone or with e-mails put.

You can be very do lots of things with a phone or computer. You only need to come to the office for special things. 

The job center will tell you If you need to come to the service office. Please come not without an appointment into the service station. 



You may unavailable for duty

  • Maybe if you have the disease from the Corona virus.  
  • If you Have a cough.  
  • If you have trouble breathing. 

You must then call the duty station. 
You clarify on the phone with the service office: What you have to do. 


Rules in the ministry 

  • When you come into the service office: You must at respect certain rules.
  • You must have a wear a mask
    The mask must over the mouth and nose be. 
    You must wear the mask at all times: 
    If you're on duty station. 
    You can get a mask: 
    If you don't have a mask. 
    You must have a Certificate have: 
    If you can't wear a mask. 
    The certificate can be from your doctor, for example.
  • You need to get your Disinfect hands
    Disinfect means: 
    They make your hands so clean: 
    The virus can no longer be on the hands. 
    There are special liquids: 
    To disinfect the hands. 
    The Job Center makes sure of that: 
    There's enough fluid to disinfect. 
    The liquids are right at the entrance.
  • You must keep one's distance from other people
    You must have at least 1, 5 meters distance hold. 
    That's how you say it: andert halb meter. 
    The job center made sure of that: 
    The distance can be maintained anywhere in the service station. 
    You may have to go special ways: 
    So that the distance can be maintained. 
    The Job Center will help you. 
    A Job Center staff member will take you to your interview.
  • It's good: 
    If you not to touch anything in the duty station. 
    The duty station will see to that: 
    All things are cleaned often. 
    But it's better: 
    If you don't touch anything.


There are many rules: 
The always apply in the Corona crisis.  

  • They are often said to have Wash your hands. 
  • You're supposed to be don't shake hands.  
  • You should unhuffle in that direction from other people.
  • You can cough into the crook of your arm.  
    I want you to don't touch my face. 

These rules also apply in the duty stations. 


Assistance for people with disabilities 


If you're hearing-impaired: 

You can have contact with the staff via Skype. 

You can then start Sign Interpreter speak. 


If you have a Visual Impairment have: 

The/Health House/Reha-SB area (south wall) has markings on the floor. 

The markings help: 

So that you can find your way to the information. 

The heavy word is: 

There is a tactile guidance system

The tactile wayfinding system also helps: 

So you can find the hand disinfection.


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