Offers for migrant women

Women with migration experience start through

Women with migration experience start through - under this motto there are now two projects in Dortmund "MY WAY" and "MY TURN - MY CAREER". They offer advice and guidance and help, for example:

  • to find an apprenticeship or job,
  • to register for a language course or a suitable qualification,
  • to find childcare options,
  • to have the vocational qualification from the home country recognized,
  • to discover their own strengths and abilities.

If you yourself are not long in Germany and are interested in the offers, you can contact the project staff. The contact details can be found on the websites. The consultation is free of charge for you and the dates take place as it fits best for you. Our employment agencies will also answer any questions you may have about the projects.

Both projects are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the European Union through the European Social Fund Plus (ESF Plus) as part of the program "MY TURN - Women with migration experience get started.

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