Turning Point Program

Reaching your goal with your own strengths: that is the motto of the "Wendepunkt" programme. 

People who have been unemployed for several years and receive benefits from the job centre (so-called long-term unemployed) are supported by the "Wendepunkt" team in finding a suitable employment opportunity. At eye level and in a trusting atmosphere, you and your intensive support worker uncover your as yet unused strengths and skills and together develop strategies for taking up a job. On this basis, your intensive support worker will look for a suitable employment opportunity for you. 

Employers can be financially supported in the hiring process through the Participation Opportunities Act (Teilhabechancengesetz). By the way, the support at "Wendepunkt" does not stop as soon as you have found a suitable job. A qualified job coach accompanies you in your new job for up to 12 months and helps you to master the transition between unemployment and job.

Are you interested in taking part in the Wendepunkt programme? Your responsible counsellor at the Jobcenter Dortmund will be happy to advise you. 

You are an employer and would like to give a long-term unemployed person the chance of employment? Then become a "Zukunft Macher" now - you can find all the information you need on the "Zukunft Macher" website.

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