Support of self-employed

The "Self-employed" team at the Jobcenter Dortmund looks after start-ups and self-employed people whose income is not (yet) sufficient to secure their livelihood and who, according to the provisions of Social Code II, meet the eligibility requirements for the citizen's allowance.

These documents you should have on hand as a self-employed person if you want to make an application to the Jobcenter:

  • Business registration
  • Business space rental contract (if available)
  • Proof of personnel costs (eg. by employment contracts or pay slips)
  • Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen of the last three months
  • In the case of a limited liability company: shareholder agreements

The Jobcenter ensures by the payment of citizen's allowance the livelihood of self-employed as long as and to the extent that their income is not sufficient for this. However, the Jobcenter does not compensate for any lack of income or losses that may arise from self-employment.

Our common goal is that you can secure your entire livelihood in the long term through your self-employment.

If you are already a customer of the Job Center and are planning to become self-employed, please first contact your contact person in the employment agency or case management. This then establishes contact with the team self-employed. The colleges advise you as a founder comprehensively on questions such as:

  • How long can I receive benefits from the Job Center?
  • Which additional benefits can I receive as a founder and what requirements do I have to meet for this?
  • I have comprehension questions about my own accounting
  • When am I self-employed (freelancer)?

In times of the Corona pandemic, the Team Self-Employed will contact you in writing or by phone. Also, feel free to check out our FAQ for people looking to start their own business, which Team Selbstständige has compiled for you.

Under certain conditions, the Jobcenter can support your start-up (e.g. through start-up money). You will also receive all information on this from the Self-Employed Team. It is important that you as a start-up your application for start-up money before you register a business or sign contracts for self-employment (eg commercial lease).

During the Corona crisis, offers of help for the self-employed may also be available. See Assistance for the Self-Employed during the Corona Crisis for all useful information and links.

To prepare your self-employment, you can use the Checklist for the Business Concept of the Startercenter NRW.

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