If you would like to move, please contact us in advance by phone or e-mail. The Jobcenter will check whether the move is necessary and the amount of the new rent (incl. utilities) is appropriate. 

We may also pay certain costs associated with a move (moving expenses, rent deposit loan). In order to claim these benefits, you need written consent for the move. You can only obtain this in advance, i.e. before signing a (new) tenancy agreement.

To apply for relocation, please submit the following documents (completed) to us:

Please also remember to give notice and comply with the notice period of your previous tenancy agreement. If you would like to move to another city and continue to receive benefits under SGB II, the job centre in your future place of residence will check the appropriateness of the new rent. We will be happy to help you in this case and also advise you on your wish to move to another city.

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