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Rent, heating & operating costs

Rent, heating and operating costs are covered by the Jobcenter in the amount actually payable, provided they are reasonable. The same applies to contributions from the tenants' association. 

The assessment of adequacy is based on the individual case and the individual circumstances. The appropriateness limits are set by the City of Dortmund. In the the instructions of the city you can read the detailed regulations. 

In Dortmund, the following upper limits for the costs of accommodation currently apply:

People  Appropriateness limit 
 Net cold rent
 Operating costs  Appropriateness limit 
 Gross cold rent
1 350,00 € 104,50 € 454,50 €
2 410,00 € 135,85 € 545,85 €
3 490,00 € 167,20 € 657,20 €
4 640,00 € 198,55 € 838,55 €
5 640,00 € 229,90 € 999,90 €
6 880,00 € 261,25 € 1.141,25 €

Operating costs are all costs that your landlord incurs over the course of a year in order to make the house and the property on which the house stands available to you as a tenant as living space. These include the warm ancillary costs or operating costs, such as heating costs, costs for hot water or costs for the heating and hot water supply systems. In addition, there are the cold ancillary costs, such as costs for refuse collection and street cleaning, property tax (or "public charges for the property"), chimney cleaning etc. For some rental houses there are additional costs, such as: Electricity for the elevator, house and hall cleaning, garden maintenance, etc.

If you receive heating and operating cost statements, submit them immediately after receipt so that the Jobcenter can check whether they have been taken over. Please make sure to check beforehand whether your landlord has sent you the statement in due time and whether the statement is correct! If you have any questions about your heating and operating costs bill, the Mieter:innenverein can help you on site.

You have the following options for submitting the heating and operating costs statement:  

  1. Conveniently via the portal
  2. By post to Jobcenter Dortmund, 44120 Dortmund
  3. As a drop in one of our mailboxes
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