Professional development

Whoever qualifies himself for the requirements of the labor market improves his individual professional chances.

The Jobcenter Dortmund offers its customers the possibility of further vocational training or retraining - if, for example, special knowledge is missing, the secondary school leaving certificate has to be made up for or only another occupational field opens up chances for professional re-entry.

You are interested in further training? The Education Target Planning 2023 provides information on the educational measures for which the Jobcenter Dortmund has currently scheduled education vouchers.

The Betriebliche Einzelumschulung represents, for example, a possibility for the acquisition of a training conclusion in shortened time and makes besides an additional income possible.

Staying the course is rewarded: if you successfully complete further training, you can receive a premium:

  • 1000 euros for successfully passing the intermediate examination before the relevant chamber provided for in the occupational laws or training regulations and
  • 1500 euros for passing the final examination

In order to receive the further training premium, your qualification must be in a recognized training occupation lasting at least two years.

You are interested in further vocational training? You have the following options:

  1. Make an appointment at planQ (by phone or e-mail), the open counseling office for continuing vocational education in Dortmund
  2. Address your counseling specialist at the Jobcenter.
  3. Contact directly the "Team FbW" by phone or e-mail
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