Continuing professional development

Those who qualify themselves for the requirements of the labour market improve their individual professional opportunities.

The Jobcenter Dortmund offers its customers the possibility of further vocational training or retraining - if, for example special knowledge is missing, the secondary school leaving certificate has to be made up for or only another occupational field opens up opportunities for re-entering the labour market.

Are you interested in further education? Our brochure Educational offers in Dortmund gives an overview of which vocational qualifications the Jobcenter Dortmund supports.

In addition, the Education target planning 2021 about the training measures for which the Jobcenter Dortmund has currently planned training vouchers.

The Operational individual retraining represents, for example, an opportunity to obtain a training qualification in a shortened period of time and also enables additional earnings. 

Perseverance is rewarded: if you successfully complete a further training course, you can receive a Premium received:

  • 1000 euros for the successful completion of the intermediate examination before the competent chamber provided for in the vocational laws or training regulations, and
  • 1500 Euro for passing the final exam

In order to qualify for the training premium, you must have completed a recognised training course of at least two years' duration. 

If you are interested in further vocational training, please speak to your Job Centre adviser or contact the "Team FbW" directly. We will be happy to advise you!