Counselling for single parents and their families/children

The special situation of single parents has an individual impact on their chances of entering the labour market. Possible obstacles can be, just like the additional care effort for minor children, also a possible lack of qualifications of the respective legal guardians.

The Jobcenter supports you as a single parent in the long term, taking your interests and resources into account. A comprehensive range of assistance services, which correspond to your special circumstances, creates the basis for improving professional qualifications. 
If you are interested, please contact your responsible counsellor at the Jobcenter.

Are you interested in an apprenticeship but don't have the opportunity to do it full time? The Commissioner for Equal Opportunities on the Labour Market (BCA) at the Job Centre, Ms Herweg-Zaide will be happy to support and advise you in this regard. She is committed to reducing disadvantages in the labour market and supports, among others, (single) parents in acquiring sustainable professional qualifications.

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Gabi Herweg-Zaide | Chancengleichheit am Arbeitsmarkt