Help with personal problems (social work)

During unemployment, problems can arise that lie beyond job search or a lack of qualification. In order to provide you with the best possible support in a difficult life situation, there are trained social workers at the Jobcenter Dortmund who can advise you, provide concrete assistance or call in additional specialist agencies. The social workers at the Jobcenter help especially with debt, difficulties in the family environment, addictions or psychosocial problems.

Quite specific concerns can be, for example:

  • I am overwhelmed with my family situation (eg. Childcare, care of relatives)
  • I or relatives have an addiction and need help
  • I am in debt and would like to reduce my debt
  • I have mental health problems and would like to talk to someone
  • I have experienced violence and need help

Even in the current pandemic period, it may come to such a difficult situation. Do not hesitate to contact us! If you would like to receive advice from Social Work, you can contact our telephone service center at 0231 842-1110. The social work team will then contact you for further advice.

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