Priority services

Unemployment benefit II is defined by law as a so-called "subordinate" social benefit.
This means that unemployment benefit II is paid only when no other so-called priority benefit claims exist.

Priority benefits are payments from other agencies or institutions that are suitable to avoid, eliminate, shorten or reduce your need for assistance at the Jobcenter.
These benefits must be claimed by you. The applications required for this are to be made by you.

Here are some examples of priority benefits:

  • child supplement, housing allowance, child benefit, maternity benefit, parental allowance, alimony/advance alimony,
  • Benefits of the training and employment promotion: unemployment benefit, vocational training allowance (BAB), benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG),
  • Benefits of the health insurance funds: Sickness benefit, benefits of medical rehabilitation,
  • Benefits of the statutory accident insurance: Injury benefit, pension due to reduction in earning capacity,
  • Benefits of the statutory pension insurance: Transitional allowance, old-age pension, pensions due to partial or full reduction in earning capacity, survivor's pension.

You can get a comprehensive overview of the priority benefits and further information on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

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