Advice for refugees

As a refugee with a recognized residence status according to § 25, paragraph 1-3 as well as paragraph 5 according to the Residence Act and with residence in Dortmund, you will receive help for integration and to secure your livelihood at the so-called "Integration Point". 

The staff members of the "Integration Point" speak Arabic, Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Persian, haussa, djerma and mina and can offer initial counseling in many cases in the mother tongue. 

If the requirements are met, they will hand out the applications for unemployment benefit II, assist with the application process and process your applications for SGB II benefits.

In the employment service, the existing school knowledge and the professional experience acquired in the country of origin are comprehensively recorded. The employees advise you on the recognition procedures for educational and professional qualifications acquired abroad and enable you to participate in language courses (German courses) and other measures for professional integration into work and training. They will hand out job offers and place you as an applicant.

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Integration Point
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