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New brochure "Action Plan for the Socially Integrative City of Dortmund - Neighborhood and Cohesion on the Ground

March 28, 2022

The city of Dortmund has published a new brochure "Aktionsplan Soziale Stadt Dortmund - Nachbarschaft und Zusammenhalt vor Ort". It is dedicated to the cohesion in the neighborhoods of Dortmund in times of the Corona pandemic. It is presented various social projects on the ground, for example, from Scharnhorst, Bodelschwingh-Westerfilde, Nette, Dorstfeld, Höre and many more.

"With our new brochure, we again present good examples from practice. We want to say in addition, thanks to all those, which contributed by outstanding co-operation and many good ideas substantially to the fact that also in the difficult times of the Pandemie new developed and existing structures could be adapted briskly to the new situation , explain Sozialdezernentin Birgit Zoerner. "This is only possible through the joint action of people on the ground, who have helped to overcome hurdles in this difficult time through courageous actions."

As part of the Action Plan Social City Dortmund, the city of Dortmund is focusing in particular on the offers and actions for people in the action areas.

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