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March 27, 2023

We avoid full waiting areas and long waiting times for you. That's why you need an appointment if you want to clarify something in person at the Job Center. To make an appointment request, please contact us by phone or under the heading "Appointment Request" via the contact form on our website.

You can also clarify your request conveniently via ONE of the following ways:


  • Under you can upload documents around the clock and from the comfort of your home (please as a coherent PDF document with a maximum of 5 MB.), communicate with the Jobcenter in a personal mailbox, communicate changes and much more (for more information on Jobcenter.Digital, here). This is the fastest and safest way to submit documents to the Jobcenter.
  • You can also reach us via the contact form on our homepage. Here you can, for example, submit documents, communicate a request for an appointment or apply for the Sozialticket and the Dortmund Pass.


  • You have a request that can not be solved digitally You can reach our Service Center from Monday to Friday from 08 to 18 clock under the central number 0231 8421110

3. POST*:

  • You can send a letter to the Jobcenter to our central post office box: Jobcenter Dortmund, 44120 Dortmund send.
  • All documents and applications you can throw in our House mailboxes. These are emptied daily.


  • For BRIEF concerns, such as handing out forms or duplicate copies, our INFOPOINTs at each Jobcenter office will be happy to help. The INFOPOINTs are open for you: Mon. - Thurs. 08.00 - 14.00 Wed. 09.30 - 14.00 Fri. 08.00 - 12.00
  • You can also discuss your concerns in person at our Action Offices at Borsigplatz, in Westerfilde, in Hörde and in Scharnhorst. You can find out more about service offerings and the opening hours of the campaign offices here.

*please note that all mail items (including mail drops in our mailboxes) are first digitized by our scanning center in Cologne. This may result in a delay of up to three business days. You do not want to wait that long? Then use Jobcenter.Digital - the documents will be automatically transferred to your electronic benefit file without delay.

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Our telephone customer service can arrange: (0231) 842-1110