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NEW: Apply for child benefit online without printing and signing

May 19, 2022

The Family Benefits Office is offering parents a new service: from now on, you can apply for child benefit after the birth of a child using the ELSTER certificate completely paperless and conveniently online.

Until now, it was already possible for customers of the Family Benefits Office to complete a child benefit application online via the Internet portal - but this then had to be printed out and signed. What is new is that you can now submit the application via the ELSTER certificate without having to print it out and sign it by hand. The application for child benefit is then sent to the family benefits office completely electronically.

The use of ELSTER is optional for you - you can continue to complete the application for child benefit at birth online without this certificate and submit it in paper form with your signature.

Good to know: An ELSTER certificate can be requested electronically from the tax office and offers the highest level of protection and security for the transmission of confidential data. Information can be found at

All the latest information on child benefit and the child supplement can be found online at

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