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Customer:inside response management - Your opinion is important to us!

The Jobcenter Dortmund sees itself as a social service provider that aligns its work with the needs of its clientele. Customer satisfaction is therefore an important indicator of the success of our work. Please help us to improve the quality of our service.

The customer:inside response management

We have set up the customer:inside response management for your feedback. Here, the customers' opinions are evaluated and, in direct exchange with the management, concrete improvement options are developed.

You are not satisfied and would like to complain? We take your problems and criticism seriously and will work with you to find a joint solution.

If you do not agree with a decision, please first contact the specialist responsible for you. If this route does not lead to a solution that is satisfactory to you, you have the option of holding a discussion with the manager responsible. To do so, contact our customer service by phone or use the contact form. If a clarification is also not possible through this channel, you can submit a complaint to the customer response management.

Please direct your written requests, your suggestions or your complaint, stating your full address and your customer and / or community of need number to the contact stored here.

If you do not agree with a decision of the Job Center, please file a written appeal. Please note the appeal instructions at the end of your notice.


  • In some cases, third parties, such as relatives, acquaintances, lawyers, etc. take over the communication for the:the Jobcenter client. Please note that we may only provide information to third parties if a written power of attorney is available. If necessary, the Jobcenter Dortmund will contact the:the customer concerned directly regarding clarification of the facts communicated.
  • Please note that when sending e-mails, the protection of your personal data cannot be guaranteed. For data protection reasons, the response to your request, should it contain social data, is usually sent by mail to you personally.
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